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Angela Hoppe Kingston



Angela, born Angela Hoppe in Mumbles, South Wales.


She studied painting at the Bath Academy of Art, Corsham 1955-1958, where she was awarded a BAA Traveling Scholarship. Initially teaching in Essex, and living briefly in Kent, she and her husband moved to Llantwit Major, South Wales where they settled and raised their five children.


She is a member of The Welsh Group and The Royal Watercolour Society of Wales (Chair 1991-2000).


The natural world has always been her main interest. Initially using her garden for source material, her love of plants has now combined with where they grow in the environment. Travel and accompanying her husband on geological field work abroad have also been a source of inspiration.

My paintings are based on inspiration from my surroundings- plants growing and their relation to place.


I work in a series, one moving on to the next.These subjects have been the source for drawings, paintings and collage. They all play a part in the  perception of the subject, using collage to select the essential elements.


The subjects are diverse:-


The essence of my garden paintings has evolved from deep understanding and interpretation of their life cycle in their solitary state or the more complex tangled relationship in a garden:


The dazzling yellows of gorse monopolizing the Penwith peninsular of Cornwall on granite, speared with columns of felspar.


The many years of travel in France resulted in a series of work ‘Remember’, where poppies, cornflowers. lavender and ancient vines grow in its history.


Cacti and sub- tropics in a glasshouse at Dyffryn Gardens and Aberglasney:


Spanish patio - reaching for the sun.


Withered blackened grapes still clinging to vines after the snow had melted:


Artist Statement

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